1. Sarvaloka Strustikartha
  2. Yesu Nee Namamlo
  3. Ninnu Sthutiyinchadaniki
  4. Naapranam Naasarvam
  5. Yenthaina Neevu
  6. Abhishekinchumu
  7. Yesu Premanundi
  8. Ninnu Stuyinchadaniki
  9. Asirvadambul


BRSeelam said...

it is good to sing Gods hymns

kaladhar said...

M Kaladhar,

songs of god will strengthen us in spirit!

kaladhar said...

The songs and praises of god will strengthen us in spirit

PrAdEEp said...

Thanks for your effort...god bless you with happiness and joy

Anonymous said...

plz upload "paraloka pattanam" songs plz plz plz

TCM Smith said...

Dear brothers/Sisters, thank you all for your wonderful encouragement. May the Lord bless you always.

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